Blind Lover


I was blind when I met you

I could not see how bad or good looking you were

All I could do was feeling you in my touch

Listening to your voices, your laugh, your sigh

In my blindness, I had painted you beautifully in my mind

I loved to be with you every day, every hour, every minute

Coz every moment with you was magical

I forgot the whole world

Everytime you called my name

Then a yard of spring flowers blossomed in my heart

Butterflies flies upon the flowers everytime you kissed me

That feeling called ‘love’ blossomed wildly there

I was extremely happy

My blindness was nothing with you being mine

Then one day my eyes could see

I looked for you, you were nowhere to find

My world turned dark

As I could see it clearly now

There is no you, nor your love

I was blind so did my love to you.



Dili, 19/02/2018







Ginger Tea




My love is like a ginger tea

Though I have taken the ginger out

Its taste remains

and I felt so hard to spill it out

Though I could

Because it is not the will of the tea to be mixed with ginger

Thus, even though I do no like it

I have to sip it till the last drop.


Dili, 15/1/2018


The Sky of Tonight is Gloomy



Look up to the sky

That sky of tonight is gloomy

No stars… no moon

Only darkness wraps the heart

That trembles of longing for you so much

Do you also feel it?


The seat beside me is empty

As it waits for your shadow to fill in

Together, we would face the coldness of the night’s wind

We would be talking again

About all those unfinished feelings
We would be witnessing again

How the tremor of this longing had shaken us

We would be unifying the tremble of our hearts

Into a most solid and tightest embrace

We would be sharing the magnificence together for tonight

In a sweetest kiss ever

You and me, together we would be wrapping our souls with this warmth

You and me, together we would be looking up to this night’s gloomy sky


How can all this happen if you do not come along?


The sky of tonight is gloomy

So does my heart.

VZ, Lospalos, January 3rd, 2017.

Honesty is Very Expensive!

DSCN0137 - Copy

Honesty is very expensive!
To be honest in a truth is very costly
As you walk according to the counsel of truth
You will get insults, hatred
People say ‘how arrogant you are, how stupid you are, how you do not know anything.
Step aside!’
‘Do not you be so self-righteous! Do not you be so sanctimonious!
Let the lies rule over everything to go smoothly!
Who are you to confront?

Really my brothers and sisters …
Lying is cheap and easy and keeps everything go smooth
We are sweet to each other
We call each other ‘friends’
But who wants to punish his heart to death?
Is it you or me?

My brothers and sisters…
Honesty for the truth is expensive
But it is the one who gives freedom of life!


VZ, March 24, 2016


Tetum-English Translated poem ‘Ba o, Ha’u Ne’e Se?’

Thou asked me

‘Who do you say I am?’

I fell silent. I looked around.

I heard people called Thou with great names.

Peter also called Thou with a great name. Then Thou smiled.

Yet Thou still looked at me, then asked me, though;

‘Who do you say I am?’

I blankly looked at Thou, and then replied;

‘I do not know yet. Because until now, I continue seeking to know about who Thou are.’

VZ, Villa-Verde, February 23th  017

Indahnya Belajar Bersama


Puisi terjemahan Tetum-Indonesia ‘Kmanek Aprende Hamutuk’

Kutemukan hal baru dari orang lain
Kutemukan juga
Bahwa ada banyak hal yang aku belum tahu
Banyak hal yang aku perlu tahu
Banyak hal yang aku tidak tahu

Tetapi aku ingin tahu

Apa yang aku belum tahu
Aku ingin tahu
Apa yang aku perlu tahu
Aku ingin tahu
Apa yang aku belum tahu

Bersama dalam keingintahuan
Mari kita bersama
Merenangi dan selami lautan pengetahuan
Yang  tiada bertepi pada perasaan
Yang tak terbatasi oleh waktu dan ruang
Yang mekar dan tumbuh dalam inspirasi
Luas dan berlimpah dalam imajinasi

Mari kita temukan bersama
Keindahan yang berlimpah
Lalu bersyukur
Bahwa hidup ini akan jadi indah
Ketika kita satukan tangan dan hati kita

Untuk belajar bersama.

VZ, Dili, 01 Maret 2016