Ginger Tea




My love is like a ginger tea

Though I have taken the ginger out

Its taste remains

and I felt so hard to spill it out

Though I could

Because it is not the will of the tea to be mixed with ginger

Thus, even though I do no like it

I have to sip it till the last drop.


Dili, 15/1/2018



Tetum-English Translated poem ‘Ba o, Ha’u Ne’e Se?’

Thou asked me

‘Who do you say I am?’

I fell silent. I looked around.

I heard people called Thou with great names.

Peter also called Thou with a great name. Then Thou smiled.

Yet Thou still looked at me, then asked me, though;

‘Who do you say I am?’

I blankly looked at Thou, and then replied;

‘I do not know yet. Because until now, I continue seeking to know about who Thou are.’

VZ, Villa-Verde, February 23th  017