A Chinese grocery store
The fruits & vegetables counter
There we met

was the way she looked at me
Standing there ignoring everyone

‘Hello, I am Lemon.’
‘John Lemon?’
She laughed adorably

She took me home.
‘Am I the first lemon you ever met?’
‘Nope. But you are the cutest lemon I have ever met’.

‘Yeah, brightly yellow and freshly firm. I am’.
She kissed me and said ‘bye’
Into refrigerator, my overnight

‘Good morning Lemon’. I woke up.
Into wash basin, she gave me a bath.
Last thing I saw, a sharp knife in her hand.
I was cut to slices
A brokenhearted lemon I was
Into a cup of her hot tea.
She added ginger and honey
Looking at me with runny nose
She sipped me then sneezed
‘Ah tshih… ‘
‘Ah tshih…’
‘Ah tshih…’

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