A Defensive Mouthful One 

There is a person that is mouthful. He or she has a mouth full of everything. Praise and curse, encourage and discourage, wise and unwise words, advise and misadvise, news and gossips, tips and corrections, judgements and comprehension. This person has all of them kept in his/her mouth.

One moment, your path crossed with him/her. Sometimes, you get along well with his/her mouthful outcomes. Sometimes you feel fed up. But this is just his/her being a mouthful.

She/he loves to get your eyes to look at her/his mouth, how that lip moves when he/she talks things out about everything. About anything. She/he doesn’t care whether you like things the lips excreted or not. Even the shitty things that sounds stink to your mind. He/she doesn’t care at all.

One day, you feel that you are tired to listen to all things his/her mouth excrets to you. You just felt bored of all repeated things his/her mouth kepr saying, over and over again. 

Another day, you had a misunderstood with him/her. You came to him/her to sort out things. But he/she rejected to accept that. She then used his/her mouthful being to perform a selfish self-defwnse mechanism against you. In fact, that was you meant to be. You wanted him/her to listen fully with earful ears before giving you some ideas through his/her mouth.

You have a look on him/her looking for those ears. Gosh! In fact, he/she does not have ears at all.



Dili, 6/2018

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