How I knew Poetry.

I knew poetry: 

when I spoke for the first time in one two words

when I cried and laughed with the family and friends whom we used to play together

when I learnt in primary school during the class of Language from a grumpy teacher

When I read an old romance novel that drunkened its character with love and I found Gibran’s work to capture my heart right away

when I watched movie of poetry with full of amazing scenes

when I listened to music’s lyric and its melodies took away my mind flying to the land of faraway

when I first time introduced to a puppy love. I had crush for someone, dated him until one day we broke up. I tried tell myself that ‘I am fine’ but in fact ‘I am not’.

when I started to move on as an adolescent, I told myself to study hard and to chase my dreams

when I got a job that made me famous but then it made me inquired myself, ‘why do I work?’

when I enter the marriage life which is never always full of roses and fruit but there are also some thorns included

when I met every soul that told me their stories and begged me to feel them and then I asked my soul, why do I come to this world?

From all of these, I knew poetry.

Poetry is everyone and everything in our daily life.

Poetry is the spring and my inquirer soul is longing to drink its fresh water.

Dili, 4/2018

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